Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nags Head, NC/Bruce's 50th Birthday

Needing a change of scenery isn't a bad thing. Especially when the scenery looks like this:

and the backyard:

We drove through some pretty heavy rain and winds to get here last night. My brother and sister in law's best friends drove down and met us here. It has been and up and down week for Bruce, but Nags Head is good medicine for him anytime regardless of the situation.

In this case, his situation is he just turned 50 yesterday.

"HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, BRUCE!!!!!!!!!"

Honestly, the rest of us brothers were shocked he made it past 18 alive.

You know, some men of greatness get plaques.

Some get statues.

A few will get monumnets.

Fewer still will get a national holiday.

Only one gets immortalized at the

Kempsville AutoCare Center

I don't like to brag, but you'll notice it IS a NAPA AutoCare Center.

As you can see, he's absolutely elated.

Nothing but the best for our boy.

Today we rest and celebrate a half century of Bruce. My sister in law Donna, their best friends Mike and Lisa, myself playing the part of the fifth wheel (sponsored by "NAPA AutoCare ), and the NAPA AutoCare Center "Man of the Day" and birthday boy one day removed, Bruce.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 6.

Thanks to Mike and the gang at Kempsville Autocare Center for joining in the celebration. They're good folks over there, do great work, and have had the great foresight to employ (at various times including the present) my nephew, my neice, my sister in law's sister, and my sister in law's niece.

In spite of this, KAC continues to turn out quality work at good prices.

*insert Uncle Mike is such an ass comments here*

Anyway that's the state of the state.

For the Memphis gang an Air Traffic Mike World Tour '09 update:

Due to a severe windstorm last week in New Jersey, my return to Memphis will be delayed. I'm heading up there to cut up lots of trees God decided needing taking down on my best friend's place.

Thanks to Paully for getting us an update on Scratchy.

Any chance one of you guys can talk the Saucer or the Silly Goose into having a "Where's Scratchy?" contest?

See you guys soon. Have a safe weekend.

Air Traffic Mike, ret.