Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Saint Padre Pio Shrine

On our trip to and from the shore this weekend, we passed a shrine dedicated to Saint Padre Pio. Padre Pio was an Italian 20th century Catholic priest of the Capuchin Order.

Padre Pio was one of the more controversial men in the Roman Catholic Church in his day.

His death in 1968 did little to diminish that.

Believe or disbelieve as you wish.

I'll keep my beliefs to myself.

On our way back we stopped to say a quick prayer and take some photos:

The sign on Rte 40.

The shrine.

The statue of Padre Pio.

I'd like to point out that the multitude of necklaces are not "bling", but in fact Rosary Beads left by the faithful.

If it were "bling", at least it would be "bling" on a mission.

Just one blogger's opinion.

In other news, our weekend hosts Thomas and Beryl stopped by on their way home to pick up Christine's bicycle.

Thomas, who is handy in a multitude of ways, volunteered to repair and tune it up.

I'm not sure the Wright Brothers could fix the thing.

While here they had Newton (the service dog in training) on a leash so he could stretch his legs and do other "dog things".

Newton the service dog.

Rhondo, our fearless hero, was feeling brave of heart and fearless on the back of an easy chair located safely inside the living room. He was bouncing around, barking and yipping at the top of his mighty lungs.

Rhondo the Wonder Idiot

At one point, almost embarrassingly, Rhondo yipped at a pitch so high it would make even the smallest and youngest of male dogs question their manhood.

Any dog older than six months would have been mortifyingly embarrassed.

Not our Rhondo.

He held his ground.

He kept "talking smack".

He had the safety of a screen porch, wooden door, and a house to work from.

Rhondo's confidence was at an all time high.

He sounded so excited we thought he should come out and meet Newton.

Chris went in, put Rhondo on his leash, and bought him out to meet Newton.

Newton leaned over, tail wagging, and sniffed at Rhondo.

Words can not describe the mighty Rhondo's response, but I did get pictures.

Here's the result:

The meeting was so fast, I didn't have time to get my camera out to record it.

Rhondo squealed like a stuck pig, pissed himself and the sidewalk three times, and had to be taken back in side before he died of fear, embarrassment, dehydration from uncontrolled pissing, or any combination of the three.

Chris surveys the scene.

I was tempted to draw a chalk outline at the scene, but I had no stationary reference from which to do an outline of Rhondo.

Additionally, the sidewalk was much too wet.

So much for our "Hero of the Armchair".

I guess if someone ever breaks in we can use him as a projectile.

Thomas, Beryl, and Newton the service dog headed home shortly afterwards.

Once again it was great seeing them.

For those interested, the Saint Padre Pio Shrine is located on Rte 40 in Landisville, NJ.

If you stop by, do us a favor.

Light a candle for Rhondo the Wonder Wuss' manhood.

Until the next time, all y'all take care of yourselves.

Air Traffic Mike, ret.


Frank said...

Thanks for mentioning your stopover at the Padre Pio shrine. I have never been to that one, but have been to the one in Barto PA.
Have lots of info on St. Padre Pio on my website

Air Traffic Mike said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Barto shrine Frank.

Air Traffic Mike