Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Dog's Life

You'd think that a dog would have it easy.

Well, when you look at your dog you probably feel that way.

After all, he/she is/are adopted/invited members of your family.

I know our dog, "Billy" is.

Sometimes I call him a "spoiled brat", but then I remember I had a part to do with that.

Truth be told, he's a top flight dog and a worthy representative of his breed.

Why someone tried to throw him away, I'll never know.

Ain't he a cutie?

11 months ago he was taken to the SPCA in Cumberland County weighing 5 pounds.

Oh........he was also on "Death's Door" as well.

Not that he wanted to be. Like I said, someone threw him away.

That was his reality.

His "reality" has changed a lot over the last year.

He's healthy.

He's happy.

He's loved.

And Oh My God, does he love his "Mom" and "Dad".

We sure as Hell love him, too.

I'm going to repeat myself here.......THERE ARE NO THROW AWAY LIVES!!!!

Nowhere. At no time. At any cost.

He didn't hurt anybody.

He's not a violent dog.

I can honestly say he didn't hurt anybody.


He's been here since February. It's not his style.

Somebody had it in for him.

Where they left him shows that. He was "dropped off" at the intersection of two rural roads.

His last meal, before he was rescued, was ketchup he scrounged from a cheeseburger wrapper.

The man that saved him could only do so because this little dog collapsed while trying to make it to the "safety" of the woods.

This morning that little dog is laying in the "safety" of my lap. 

He's 8 to 9 pounds heavier. 

He doesn't have to run.

He's done nothing but bring joy to us.

I'm not sure what happened at his last owner's home.

I'm not sure I even care.

If ever I was given the chance to meet the folks.............................

I'd take the "for a ride" and see how they like it.

In that spirit I urge you.......if you want to get a pet for the kiddies (or "chillrin" for my N'Awlins frenns) please go to your nearest SPCA. 

A "pedigree" is just a piece of paper that makes the owner feel special. 

Sort of like decent toilet paper does.

But that too, shall pass.

There are good dogs out there that have all the love in the world they want to give to somebody.

Like our Billy.

All they need is a chance.

Until the next time, all y'all take care of yourselves.

Air Traffic Mike, ret.

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