Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Boney Billy" Update

Wow, time flies when you're having fun.

It's been just around six months since we first found out about a little dog that, apparently, someone felt they could live without.

They felt so strongly about it, that they threw him to the curb in the dead of Winter.

The curb they threw him to couldn't have been less conducive to survival.

In a matter of weeks, he had dropped down to five pounds. He had lost a great deal of muscle mass.

Now this isn't a story of despair, mind you.

"Billy's" story is a story of love and victory.

When we first were able to visit with him, his foster family had raised his weight to 8.5 pounds.

We could still see his ribs sticking out under his skin. His waist was much thinner than his pelvis.

He was, with good cause, wary of any "strangers".

He was also soliciting for any and all snacks/treats folks might be carrying around.

It would take another week for him to put enough weight on for the SPCA to neuter him and for us to bring him home.

Even at ten pounds (minus two testicles) he was "boney".

See what I meant about his waist?

His sternum stuck out like the bow of an oil tanker.

I took to calling him, "Big Boney Billy".

It took two more months of good nutrition and exercise to start getting his muscle tone back to where it should have been.

He was a bit wary of us for the first couple of days. After all, how was he to know if this was his last stop? In the last month and a half of his life he'd been tossed to the curb to die, taken in by strangers with a pack of three dogs, taken back to the SPCA, knocked out and neutered, and now he was in yet another home with two more strangers.

Turmoil is a lot calmer than what he'd been through.

We knew what he didn't.

This was his last stop.

Once he figured it out, he started to open up.

Once he opened up, we realized what a great little dog we'd adopted.

In six months he's gone from nearly dying by a highway to a warm, loving, and safe home. He's also become a well travelled little fellow. He's been to Virginia Beach, VA, Brigantine, NJ, and Harper's Ferry, WV.

Later this week he's on his way to Nags Head, NC via a stop in Virginia Beach, VA. With any luck, we'll get to meet my new great nephew. He was due earlier this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for his birth today or tomorrow.

It's Sis' first grandson.

We couldn't be happier for her and the new parents.

That includes "Big Boney Billy".

Until the next time, all y'all take care of yourselves.

Air Traffic Mike, ret.