Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pimp My Dog....."Jersey Style"

In to everyone's life, some dog sitting must fall.

If I have no plans, I don't think it's all that terrible.

So when Christine's daughters needed someone to watch their dogs for a spell, we agreed.

When you already have two miniature Dachshunds hanging out with you, another miniature Dachshund and a Chorkie aren't that big of a deal.

So for the last week and few days I've been herding the four of them during most of the daylight hours.

Oh, I'm sorry.

You ask, "What is a Chorkie?".

Well, back when I was a kid we called them mutts. Someone figured out in the last ten years or so that if you give an accidental cross breed a cute name, people will scoop them off the shelves.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some legitimate "hybrid dogs" out there. A friend of mine has a "Golden Doodle". That's Golden Retriever bred with a Standard Poodle.

She's a beautiful dog.

She has a curly coat of a Poodle and the color of the Retriever.

The Chorkie I'm watching has the rough, wiry coat of the Yorkshire Terrier, and the brawny build and snout of a Miniature Chihuahua.

"What's that look like", you wonder?

Terrifying, isn't she?

She's actually a very docile little dog.

She's also quite hairy.

Christine and I decided that maybe the next time she stayed with us, we take her to the groomers and get her clipped.

She was a bit matted, so it took a while.

When I finally received the call she was ready I was sort of excited.

You know, just like the customer's on "American Restoration".

Folks, the new and improved Millie:

Here's a "glamour shot" for those into fashion photography:

Notice that she's now featuring a pink "Bling" collar and a North Jersey mall girl "hair poof".

I think it's going to be all the rage this Summer.

Of course, girls will be girls. The other two girls showed absolutely no signs of jealousy.

Not Mercedes.........

.....and certainly not Butter.

Millie's going to be the hottest thing in Philly since the Philadelphia police department thought using a concussion bomb was a good way to solve a standoff situation.

More on the "MOVE" incident here.

In the meantime, I have to herd the doggies out so they can finish improving the backyard soil.

Until the next time, all y'all take care.

Air Traffic Mike, ret.

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