Monday, June 25, 2012

Air Traffic Mike vs. the "Food Pyramid"


There are those who argue over it worse than others argue over religion, politics, or whether President Obama is a natural born citizen.

Setting the "Tea Party" agenda aside, today's blog concentrates on food.

I will demonstrate how to cover all the basics of the "Food Pyramid" in one easy to hold and tasty fashion.

First, get a festive plate.


Food should be fun.

If you want dull looking food, go to a gas station deli and eat something out of a Styrofoam container.

Next, add some good, crusty bread. This is a fresh Italian roll. Not only does it cover the "Grains" food group with wheat flour, the bottom is loaded with corn meal.

Next, add a nice grilled hot Italian sausage. You could use sweet Italian sausage, I just prefer spicy. As you can see the "Meat" food group is now in the mix.

What would hot Italian sausage be without some nice homemade Marinara? Well, you could toss a slobber of yellow mustard on there. Most people would think, "Nice job, "Carny" " and herd their children as far away from you as they possibly could.

Mustard is fine on a number of food items.

Italian sausage is not one of them.

Of course, the tomato is scientifically a fruit. Marinara sauce takes care of the "Fruit" food group.

Sauteed peppers and onions. This combination should be in the food Hall of Fame. I have actually made sandwiches using them on a hoagie roll by themselves. The "Vegetable" and "Oils" food groups are covered in style.

What would life be without cheese?

Don't answer.

I don't want to even imagine it.

The "Dairy" food group has joined the pile.

There you have it. "Food Pyramid" on a (festive) bread plate.

My panel of judges approve.

Until the next time, all y'all take care of yourselves.

Air Traffic Mike, ret.

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