Monday, August 13, 2012

"Billy" And "Mercedes" Meet "Kappy"

Last Tuesday, we took our two "rescued" Dachshunds back to the Cumberland County SPCA. The purpose was to have them meet our then potential third "rescued" Dachshund.

You can read all about it here.

Last Friday morning, the little dog the SPCA called "Irwin", went in to be neutered. It's their policy that all adoptees are spayed or neutered as gender prescribes.

We had already been approved to adopt "Irwin".

I just had to call to find out when we could go pick him up.

I was told he'd be ready to go at 2;30 pm.

After some discussion, Christine and I decided to just go by ourselves. I thought taking one of the dogs may have made him more comfortable. We bounced that idea around quite a bit. Christine pointed out that we had brought the other dogs home solo and had no problems.

Facts are hard to argue against.

We arrived right on time. Christine finished up the paperwork. I made sure I had placed a collar and leash in my pocket for us to get him to the car. One of the young ladies on Staff asked me for his collar. I gave it to her and said a quiet prayer.

It took a few minutes, but soon she brought "Irwin" out on a small "choke collar". It's not their preferred method, but "Irwin" had already snapped at/nipped a few folks there. Our collar was around his neck.

Now, all I had to do was get the leash clipped on without scaring "Irwin" or getting bit.

Fortunately, I had already formulated a plan for "Irwin".

He was cowering a bit when he saw the leash in my hand. His ears were flat. He was shaking.

Rather than just reaching at him to attach the leash, I leaned a little closer to him.

I softly spoke one of the "Universal Questions That All Dogs Know": "Do you want to go *Bye-Byes* in the car?"

"Irwin's" ears popped up, he turned to look at the SPCA staffer, and before he could even realize, I had the leash clipped on to his collar and the "choke collar" was off.

As it turned out, he did quite well on the leash. Christine walked him around the front yard for a couple of minutes. He did his thing, marking a few spots for the next little doggies.

Now the next challenge. Getting him in the car.

He had shown some aggression when the staff/volunteers had tried to pick him up. He still had a large abrasion under the front right shoulder/crook of the leg from a harness that had to be cut from him by a veterinarian.

Christine had this problem solved in no time.

She got in the car and placed a towel over her lap.

"Irwin", seeing Chris sitting with the towel, had decided that's where he wanted to be.

I carefully picked him up by his left shoulder and haunches and softly laid him on the towel.

The rest was easy.

Somewhere between the SPCA and Christine's house, "Irwin" became "Kappy". After all, "Irwin" was just a name the SPCA placed on him. It lasted about the 10 days of his stay.

Friday was a "Dachshund Love Fest". "Billy" and "Mercedes" greeted "Kappy".

He greeted them right back.

It was an outstanding weekend.

So, here they are lined up for breakfast:

"Billy", "Mercedes", and "Kappy".

"Kappy's" first afternoon.

Maybe I'm biased, but he sure looks happy.

Until the next time, all y'all take care of yourselves.

Air Traffic Mike, ret.

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Anonymous said...

He looks very content! Congrats on your new addition!